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Rubby William

Three Techniques to Increase Online Traffic for Businesses

Ideally, sharing your interests and thoughts with the internet would be super simple – just design a website and start posting. However, the reality is that it’s a bit more complicated. Beyond making sure that your site looks good and operates the way it should, you need to ensure that people can find and care about what you’re publishing.

SEO Rankings = Increase web traffic

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to optimize your site for SEO. This term stands for search engine optimization. It’s a way of increasing your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing by the use of keywords and other methods. Once your website is set up, you’ll have to submit it to any search engines you want it to appear in. After this, SEO optimization is largely a matter of using strategic keywords and links on your site in order to let both readers and search engines know what your site pages are about and how relevant they are to specific searches. If your site is SEO enabled, you’ll hopefully reach a higher ranking in search engines. This drives a huge amount of traffic to your site, since you come up as a resource when people search your keywords.

Using Social Media Platforms

Another great way to increase web traffic is to take to social media. Utilizing social media sites to advertise your site is crucially important in order for readers to even know that your site exists. Because social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are where potential audiences and clients already are, it’s important for site owners to meet them there.

Awesome Content Pieces

You’ll obviously be spending plenty of time on crafting careful content for your site, but don’t neglect your headlines. This is another way of increasing site traffic. By making sure that all your content, such as blog posts and site pages, has intriguing, attention-capturing headlines, you make people want to click on links to your site. It’s an easy way of increasing traffic just by putting in some extra thought before you click ‘publish’.

A fourth way of increasing site traffic is to team up with other people within your niche. Are you an up-and-coming site for a cake bakery in Cincinnati? Do a feature about another local bakery and the specials that they offer, and ask about the possibility of them returning the favor and running a feature about your company. You can even offer to do a guest post. It’s beneficial for both of you, as you get exposure to one another’s readers and spur interest in your own brand.

In this same vein, another great method is to connect with the experts. If you are able to feature a blog post or an interview with someone who is a well-recognized name within your niche, you open yourself up to tons of new traffic, including their readers and fans.

There are plenty of ways to increase your web traffic, but the best ones are simple and straightforward ways of piquing people’s interest.

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