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UK Chewable Toothbrush Reports Strong Export Growth

The Brexit cloud and weak pound may be hanging over lots of British companies but exporters can take heart from one surprising success story. Fuzzy Brush, the UK manufacturers of the chewable toothbrush, which can be found in store and at service stations around the UK has reported a staggering 900% growth in export sales to Asia in the last 12 months.

The company manufacturers Xylitol based products including the toothbrush and crystal mints. It expanded its business by creating new products and retailing outside the EU, going from strength to strength in the last 12 months despite the economic uncertainty caused by new policy makers in the USA and the single market exit in the UK. Managing Director, Jim Drew is very optimistic about continued growth following the 900% upsurge in demand and is investing in new machinery to increase production throughout 2017. All products will continue to be made in the UK and exported to a number of new retailers and partners across Asia.

He said, “The Asian market is showing really strong demand for our products. They are impressed with our manufacturing quality, our packaging and the fact that they are made entirely in the UK. The demand to supply our branded packs is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Add to that the increased media coverage, government drives towards dental care and reducing sugar intake (in particular the use of Xylitol in South Korea) and the growth of the Xylitol market and you can see why Fuzzy Brush products are successful commodities.”

Fuzzy Brush is sold in more than 20,000 stores in South Korea alone, including Emart, Lotte Big Market, Lotte LOHBS, Olive Young, CVS, Watsons, Costco and ‘A’ shopping. In the UK, Fuzzy Brush can be found in more than 1500 stores including Morrisons and Asda and Lloyds Pharmacy.

In addition to Asia, Fuzzy Brush will also extend exports to Russia, UAE, India, USA, Canada, Australia and Turkey this year. Closer to home in the UK, a new Fuzzy Kids range will launch later this year, accompanied by a healthy eating initiative.

Fuzzy Brush products are FDA registered and look set to win British Dental Health approval this year, which will further fuel domestic and international expansion. There is an extensive range of new products in development and production and the brand is currently considering offers from investors who are keen to support the company’s growth.

To find out more about Fuzzy Brush visit http://www.fuzzybrush.com

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