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Exciting New Ways of Internet Marketing to Try in 2017

2016 has seen a significant growth in online marketing strategies. The trends have continued to expand and new ways are being realised from time to time. Some marketers have trailed behind, unable to catch up with these new trends. For a marketer to dominate in this field there is the need to plan and foresight, anticipate changes, and grab new trends before they are realised by competitors. In 2017, there are exciting new ways that internet marketers would need to try and see a significant growth in their business revenues.

1. Augmented reality

The introduction of Pokemon Go has caught many online marketers unawares with its success. Few people would have anticipated its radial takeoff, with a daily peak income of $10 million. Although its enthusiasm has considerably gone down, the app has had a great contribution to the realisation of online marketers. First, it has revealed that users are ready and willing to embrace augmented reality (AR) experiences, and it has shown marketers the earning potential available in AR. This trend will definitely lead to the establishment of various brands that introduce AR games, ads, and attempts to use the already available apps to their advantage.

2. Rise in data visualization tools

Data is one of the core elements in marketing. The ability to tell what your clients are buying, who is buying, when and why plays a great role in determining the kind of direction that you need your business to take. The data collected from customer behaviour plays a great role in changing your business and tailoring your services and products to fit the needs of your customers. Analysing raw data has been a challenge especially to the small businesses. Although data collection may not be a challenging task, the act of interpreting the data can only be done by specialised personnel who are currently in high demand. In 2017, data visualization tools are expected to trade high in the market. Data analysis will be made easier and small and developing business will be in a position to acquire some of these tools that will help them connect them with their clients even more.

3. Full takeoff of live video streaming

The use of live video in various online platforms has slowly gone up in demand. Over the past few years, many people have anticipated the use of live streaming to get an in-the-moment content regardless of their demographics or location. This behaviour could largely be attributed to the establishment of fast internet connection and the ubiquity of mobile devices that can be used to stream live events. The trend of live video streaming is expected to take a full course in 2017 as various brands seek to connect with their customers, in-the-moment trend while launching new products or making changes to their products and services.

4. Popularity in native advertising

Native advertising is one of the oldest trends that have been used by marketers over the past years. This trend has been greatly used by brands who seek to get natural-looking visibility and have their presence felt across the globe. In 2017, we can expect to see more publishers who offer tailored services to help business and brands reach a greater number of audiences. The availability of advertisers who work for the publishers is also likely to go up in 2017 as many people have mastered the art of advertising that can help businesses reach many people at a considerable low fee.

Marketers who have no idea of where to look for the 2017 online trends may opt to follow closely the marketing strategies being used by the major brands. CMC Markets is one of the companies that marketers may try to monitor and emulate their online marketing trends. This will not only reduce the cost of trying irrelevant trends but they will be able to implement the working trends before the realisation by their competitors. Since time of implementation is of essence, marketers need to clean up the old and ineffective online marketing methods and try the various new trends in 2017 until they find out the best working strategy for their business that will see a growth in their clientele base, and consequently, the revenue generated by their services and products.

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