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Return Path partners with 8Seconds to offer multivariate email testing and boost email ROI

New solution provides real time, image based content optimisation to increase click-through rates and maximise email revenue

Data solutions provider Return Path today announced a new Multivariate Testing solution powered by European email optimisation leader 8Seconds. This solution allows marketers to quickly and efficiently identify the email creative that resonates best with their audience, thereby improving email performance and driving more revenue from the email channel.

Marketing content that has been thoroughly tested is known to perform better than untested content. But many marketers fail to test due to the time, expense, and complexity of traditional testing methods. The feature rich Multivariate Testing solution from Return Path and 8Seconds provides an automated way to test multiple combinations of creative elements, simultaneously.

When an email is sent, the initial recipients are shown different versions of the email to gather engagement data based on open and click rates. Once there is enough data to determine a “winner,” this optimised version is automatically displayed to the remaining recipients as they open. On average, the email containing the optimised combination of creative elements performs 200 percent better than losing combinations.

“Marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve subscriber engagement and increase revenue from their email program. Multivariate Testing offers a way to optimise emails in real time based on subscriber response,” said Return Path CMO Daniel Incandela. “At the same time, mailbox providers are working harder than ever to deliver only messages that are truly wanted by their users. Increased opens and clicks provide those positive engagement signals mailbox providers are looking for—so optimising email content has the potential to improve inbox placement, as well.”

Any number of image-based creative elements can be tested, including header and body images, calls to action, banners, logos, buttons, and more. Insights from email tests can also be used to optimise other channels, such as websites, landing pages, banner ads, and offline communications. The solution is platform neutral, so it works seamlessly with any email service provider.

“While contextual content and personalisation improve an email’s relevance, effective testing can dramatically improve the response rate and ROI of an email campaign. Traditional testing methods, such as A/B testing, are often costly, complex, and slow to deliver meaningful results. Our technology allows marketers to easily test and adapt their email campaigns in real time, so they can see immediate benefits,” said Basile Fattal, 8Seconds vice president of sales and marketing. “As a leader in the email space, Return Path is working with both email senders and mailbox providers to solve the industry’s most challenging issues. We are extremely excited to partner with them and help further boost email performance for Return Path clients.”

For additional information about Return Path’s Multivariate Testing solution or to schedule a demo, please visit our website.

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