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This London business wants you to go even greener this Recycle Week

London agency Rendall & Rittner (R&R) is encouraging its residents to help the environment during this year’s Recycle Week (September 25 - October 1) through two new eco-initiatives with suppliers.

R&R, a property management company, works with other sustainable businesses to help environmental practices. The company is working with Delphis Eco, an ecological cleaning business, to offer residents starter parks of innovative plant-based cleaning products.

Delphis Eco has supplied many of the cleaning products used by the company’s staff to various of its property portfolio since 2016, which has resulted in an estimated annual saving of 477 tons of CO2 emissions.

Catherine Riva, R&R’s director, said: “Good environmental practices are at the core of our business, and that extends both to choosing eco options for our supply chain and encouraging environmentally responsible lifestyles.

“We are pleased to be able to make Delphis Eco’s range of cleaning products available to residents to use in their homes… The products have health benefits being free of harmful chemicals and [customers] save money because less of the product is used.

“LaundryRepublic, which provides laundry services via the concierges at many of our developments, can offer residents a way to get rid of clothes they do not want while raising money for a worthwhile cause.”

Estate managers at several R&R developments will be in competition to encourage residents to recycle their unwanted clothes via eco-laundry and dry-cleaning service supplier, LaundryRepublic.

This donation scheme raises money for Scope, a charity that prevents clothes from going into landfill.

Mark Jankovich, CEO at Delphis eco, commented: “Our partnership with R&R means that our eco-cleaning products are now used across their supply chain, so it was a natural extension to offer residents the same eco-products to use in their homes.”

Around 93 per cent of plastic goes to landfill, while 35m plastic bottles are thrown away in the UK every day, therefore it is important that we start thinking about our usage of plastic.

Ian Walker, co-founder of LaundryRepublic, concluded: “Our clothes recycling scheme makes it easy for residents to donate items as all they have to do is simply drop them off at the concierge rather than disposing of items in general waste bins or charity shops.

“As the season changes, it is a good opportunity for a wardrobe clear and we hope residents can help us raise as much money as possible for Scope.”

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