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BBC Dragons' Den alumni launches a £1m discount site

A London-based entrepreneur has raised a £150k seed round to build and launch an AI-driven discounts hub that focuses on ‘discounts that work’.

Chris Ball, now 26, was spotted by Peter Jones of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, and found his calling at just 17-years-old, when he was invited to be a member of the Dragons’ first ever enterprise academy.

Graduating as the alumni who was “most likely to become a dragon”, Chris has channelled his knowledge of the online retail space to launch JustSave.co.uk.

Chris, founder of JustSave.co.uk, commented: “The industry is dominated by three big players and innovation has been lacking.

“We have listened to consumers’ annoyances with the major market makers and invested in offering a frictionless experience rather than one that frustrates.

“Artificial intelligence is starting to play a role in all aspects of commerce and our application is a first for the online discounting market. I want to offer online discounts that just work!”

Currently valued at £1m, JustSave.co.uk aims to ‘fix’ the consumer trust crisis in online discounting through AI and forensically auditing the offers on-site.

Research undertaken by JustSave.co.uk showed that 78 per cent (547 UK consumers were asked) of voucher code site users don’t trust sites to have working discounts.

The voucher industry in the UK is worth £90m to £100m per year and, collectively, the industry drives £1.2bn of sales for retailers annually.

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