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10 Reasons To Start Using Telegram Messenger for Your Business

Businesses should evolve all the time in order to keep their customers engaged and survive on the market full of competitors. Customer support plays a crucial role here and messengers are kind of alternative to social media that are able to level-up the user experience.

In this article, we’ll consider Telegram as the platform that can be incredibly useful for your business.

Reasons why Telegram is the best way to advance your business

So, let’s discuss the main benefits of Telegram.

It’s free

Regardless of how many messages you send or receive per day or what purpose you use this messenger for (business, personal usage) – it’s completely free and has no limitations. You are able to send images, videos, text and voice messages at zero cost. Moreover, you can use all these to promote your mobile app development company, for example, and create a marketing plan.


In case you deal with the different group of customers, which is almost always true, the segmentation will save you some time on mail outs. Just sort your prospects in accordance with interest, region or age and Telegram will take care of the rest.


With the help of Telegram, you can organize promotional campaigns. For instance, ask your customers to take photos inside your cafe/shop or with your product, post them to social networks and mention that they should send photos to you in order to get a reward. However, before doing so make sure that your target audience uses Telegram.

24/7 support

Most of the customers prefer texting over calling and that’s the proven fact. It doesn’t only take less time but allows customers to see the history of messages, so they don’t have to call back in case something they asked about previously slipped out of mind.


No need to pay for expensive banners or even more expensive TV advertising – just send one message for your audience with the information you would like them to view, be it a sale or opening of the new store.

Instant feedback

Your clients can reach you the same way you can reach them – through the message. So, if there is the necessity to collect feedback – ask your clients about that or conduct a survey. In fact, messages are the perfect fit for this purpose because emails are often ignored, while calls may irritate people.


Nobody still managed to hack Telegram and its team is extremely proud of that fact. Actually, the founder of this messenger encourages community to hack Telegram and offers $300K if they succeed. However, no one has ever succeeded.


Nowadays, Telegram messenger covers all the main platforms. It has a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone along with the desktop apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Except for these, it has a web version. So, you shouldn’t worry that your customers won’t be able to access this platform.


Telegram allows anybody to create own pack of stickers. For businesses, it’s a great opportunity to promote their brands by creating a pack of branded stickers and tell customers about that.


At the moment, this feature is available in Brazil and Russia but we think that it will be available to a bunch of other countries soon. The thing is that this feature allows you transferring money as safe as in a bank.

Why Telegram stands out of the crowd

There are hundreds if not thousands of other popular messengers. What is so special about Telegram that makes it appropriate for business? Let’s figure that out.

Secret Chat

That’s a chat with end-to-end-encryption that empowers extremely secure conversations. In other words, during such conversations the server side isn’t used and the history of conversation is stored in the memory of a device.

Self-destructive messages

With the help of this feature, a user may set a certain period of time and on its expiry the message will be destroyed. It can be useful when dealing with important documentation or other confidential information.

Cloud storage

Telegram stores all your media files attached to conversations along with their history. So, if necessary you can synchronize them in case you bought a new phone or logged in from another platform.

Not for sale

The team of Telegram claims it will never be sold. Remembering the story with WhatsApp that was sold to Facebook, it looks like a very relevant statement. This way, if you don’t want to let any big corporation to use your data – Telegram is the right choice.

User base grows all the time

According to Telegram, in early 2016 they had over 100M of users from different parts of the world, 350K new users and over 15B messages per day. Currently, it hits the top 5 of the world’s most popular messengers.


Telegram isn’t only the way to reach and keep in touch with your target audience but also a powerful tool to automate and optimize some processes in order to minimize the manual work. For this purpose, you can create a chatbot of your own that will be responsible for a certain process, be it a processing of orders or customer consulting.

As you can see, Telegram opens a myriad of opportunities for your business. It’s capable of both optimizing business/marketing processes and raising the customer experience.

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