Beacon tracks and reports on individual social posts across multiple networks.
Beacon tracks and reports on individual social posts across multiple networks.
Nick Hill

Leeds tech startup launches new app to help track social media progress

Beaconsoft Ltd, the Leeds-based tech startup, has launched its first app after securing funding from a number of UK investors.

£Beacon is an analytics app designed to help marketing agencies and businesses make the most of their social media strategy.

The startup tracks and reports on individual social posts across multiple networks – all from one dashboard.

Beacon was founded by a number of ‘C’ level tech entrepreneurs including Leeds-based technology director Stewart Boutcher. Beacon came about due to frustrations when Stewart was running a digital marketing agency working with multiple clients on multiple social media platforms.

As Managing Director Nigel Bridges said: “One of the biggest challenges we had when running the agency was the reporting of accurate and meaningful results back to our clients.

“We needed in-depth social content analysis in order to feedback to our clients, and we were very frustrated that we couldn’t find an easy simple tool to help us do that… so we built our own!”

The aim of Beacon is to give marketing teams the knowledge and actionable insights they need to run better online media campaigns, with more audience-relevant content and posts, higher social-to-website traffic, and more engagement with content, leading to better results (pipeline, sales, or whatever targets are specified for social media campaigns).

Julie Roberts, from marketing consultancy Content Honey, is an early Beacon customer.

Julie said: “I’ve just started using Beacon and I can already see the value that this tool will bring to our clients’ social media measurement. Within a matter of minutes I had created my first campaign and began to see the results of each post. We’re off to a brilliant start!”

Another recent customer is Chris Rhodes, account manager at digital agency Techdept. Chris added: “Beacon adds valuable knowledge to our clients’ social media activity.”

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