Is there a right time to sell?
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Is there a right time to sell?

*Following news that March 17th is statistically the best date to sell your home, Adore Properties MD, Jeremy O’Connor, looks at whether there is such a thing as the ‘best time’ to sell a home and what factors matter most when making the decision. *

When picking the best time to sell your home it’s less a case of looking at the calendar and more taking the time to consider what factors are driving you to making the decision; it could be a need to downsize as the children fly the nest, moving to an area for better local amenities, moving closer to work or simply needing extra space for new additions.

More often than not, the decision to move will be the biggest driver behind your timescales but other factors can also come into play. These include contingency plans for when your home sells, for example - do you have a new home, or temporary lodgings, lined up, and how long it could take your home to sell once the signs go up.

This is one of the areas having a reliable, professional and experienced estate agent can make a significant difference. From ensuring the house is priced correctly, to giving you an accurate picture of the local buyer’s market, to making your listing as covetable as possible. Whilst research from The Post Office shows it takes an average of 96 days to sell a home, the right help can make it a much speedier process, last year I remember a particular sale which was turned around in just 24 hours!

Whatever the time of year, successfully selling a home is about much more than statistics, instead understanding the reason behind every sale, and undergoing the process with an emphasis on individual care and attention, can reap far greater rewards.

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