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Five most popular home improvements…and five that actually add value to your home

The Estate Agent Association, NAEA Propertymark, recently released their top ten most popular home improvement projects, undertaken by homeowners looking to increase the ‘buy appeal’ of their home.

With owners spending an average of £1,875 on their homes in the last five years there is plenty of scope for projects. Here we take a look at the top five changes homeowners undertake…and how they compare to the top five improvements that actually do add the most value.

Top five changes homeowners make

1 – Redecorating

A huge 73% of homeowners have invested in some form of re-decorating, from a lick of paint on the walls to new furnishings. Having flowers and colourful photos to brighten your home for the spring and summer months, while giving it a cosy and luxurious feel in winter, with chunky throws and pillows in a variety of materials, can really catch the eye of potential buyers.

2 - Garden landscaping

We’re a nation with green fingers, whether you were inspired by Ground Force as a youngster, or simply want a clean and appealing space in which to enjoy some al fresco drinks with friends, over half of you (54%) are investing money in your outdoor space.

3 – New flooring

From stylish tiling to underfloor heating, there has never been more choice when it comes to deciding flooring options for your home; no wonder 39% of you have listed it as a home improvement you’ve undertaken. However, at an average of £1,002 it is a costly option for giving your space an update.

4 – New bathroom

Traditionally one of the smallest rooms in the house, you only need to glance at Pinterest to see how creative you can be when it comes to your bathroom; from storage to showers, and with big trends like rainforest showers and stunningly tiled wet rooms, we suspect the number undertaking a bathroom update will quickly grow beyond the current 31%.

5 – New doors (internal and external)

They say first impressions count, and that is true for properties too. Little wonder then that over a quarter of you, 28%, have listed new doors as a home improvement you have undertaken. While wooden doors can have a timeless appeal, a recent Twitter poll from Zoopla found grey was the most appealing colour to potential buyers.

Top five changes that add value to properties

1 – Redecorating

Not surprisingly, thanks to its ratio of maximum impact for minimum investment, redecorating also comes top of the list when it comes to improvements that add the most value…What better excuse do you need for getting the paintbrush and colour charts out?

2 – Kitchen makeover

We know that upgrading your kitchen isn’t cheap, with people spending an average of £5,016 on updates, it is almost guaranteed to result in a property price increase. If space is an issue why not look at combining kitchen and dining room space to create an open-plan entertaining area, perfect for spending time with friends and family.

3 – Adding / Updating a bathroom

In bronze position, an updated bathroom, or the addition of a WC, en-suite or powder room, can prove a great investment for every style of home. It seems more of you are catching on too, with bathroom improvements currently ranking fourth in the most popular home improvements.

4 – Garden appeal

It is one of the most popular choices with homeowners when it comes to home improvement but, even though a stylish and well-maintained garden can provide plenty of opportunities for parties, running around with the kids and relaxing in the sun, it won’t provide the biggest return when it comes time to sell.

5 – Double glazed windows

Did you know that outside noise, particularly traffic, can be one of the most off-putting aspects for buyers searching for a new property to buy.

It comes as little surprise then that double-glazed windows, which not only block out noise but help to keep homes warm and energy efficient through trapping heat, are a great choice for adding value.

There you have it, while the comparison between what homeowners do to improve their homes and what actually adds value, may not always match up by putting in the work to give your home an update, you will almost always be the better for it.

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