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Deborah Belford

Top 5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Apps

With the ever-evolving technology, every unimaginable thing is coming to life and we are all astounded by it! Did you ever think about actually earning serious money through mobile applications alone? We are all on the same boat! If you are unaware of the applications that allow you to do so, do not worry! We have listed down some top mobile apps that pay you. Let’s dive in!

1. Musely

An excellent platform, an online community, and a convenient marketplace, available for iOS and Android users, for women; providing them with a chance to share and learn about genuine advises related to healthy lifestyle and beauty tips from all over the world! So how exactly can you earn money through Musely? It is very simple; by becoming a “Muse” on the Musely site and creating your own online store and start earning almost twenty percent commission on every product sold!

2. Foap

Do you possess some great photography skills but are afraid to showcase them? Are you an amazing photographer but do not own a DSLR? Do not worry! Foap is just the right platform for you; it allows you to sell and display your photos taken on a smartphone alone. So, even if you do not have a professional camera you can still be a part of the community. All you have to do is get yourself registered and create an account, upload high-resolution quality images with attractive and clear tags, and have your photos rated by other registered users! The user with the higher ratings gets a chance to win the limelight.

3. iPoll

If you are someone who has enough extra time on their watch even after completing all of your important tasks then this is the right application for you! iPoll basically allows you to earn money by writing down market reviews and diaries; all in all a personalized open research market research application. Joining iPoll is easier than you can imagine! All you have to do is get yourself registered and answer a few basic questions regarding who you are in order to determine if you are fit for performing missions or not. Once you have been successfully registered, you will automatically receive alerts whenever a new mission is available based on your likings and location.

4. Money App

Who could have ever thought that offering opinions, playing games, reviewing test services, store displays, taking part in free trials would win us rewards that can be later redeemed for cash! Sounds crazy, right? Money App is an application that allows you to do so through your iOS or Android smartphone! Just create an account and get yourself registered. Once you have completed this phase you are ready to start completing various tasks to gain unlimited rewards! The best part is, you do not have to wait for months to be paid; Money application lets your withdraw your earned money within two to three working days of redeeming your rewards using your PayPal account.

5. Fluid Market

Earning money by renting your car has never been this easier! By using Fluid Market application, which is available for iOS and Android, provides you with a platform, an online marketplace, where you can rent your idle sitting vehicle at home for a few hours, days, or maybe weeks, and earn money effortlessly. Apart from renting your vehicles, you can also rent out your tools which fall under the “Others” category in the application site. The process is simple; create an account, get yourself registered and start uploading your stuff and get paid while sitting at home.

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