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Right To Play are asking people to transform a child’s life: Every £ Helps Them Rise!

Every day, millions of children face dangerous and difficult challenges that rob them of their dignity and hope: violence, child labour, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality.

To help protect and give these children a voice, Right To Play has launched “We RISE”, a powerful new global fundraising campaign to generate awareness and funds for international programme’s that honour these children, and give them hope through play-based learning, amplifying a conversation around the organisation’s innovative and impactful approach to addressing the crisis of opportunity for children.

Right To Play’s programmes harness the power of play to protect, educate and empower 1.9 million children each week, keeping them in school and out of work, teaching them how to prevent life-threatening diseases like HIV and malaria and keeping them safe from exploitation and abuse. Right To Play works in 52 refugee camps around the world. The positive impact of Right To Play is measurable, at the end of a programme:

• In Pakistan, Right To Play students scored 10% higher on standardised tests vs non- Right To Play students. • In Benin, Right To Play students’ knowledge of malaria transmission was 91% vs 68% for non-Right To Play students. • In Mali, 85% of children reported an increased sense of safety and security as opposed to 57% before. • In Tanzania, 93% of girls felt comfortable saying ‘no’ to sexual advances.

Right To Play believes that PLAY saves lives. This includes all forms of play – games, sport, poetry, performance, dance, art and music – to create programmes with lasting impact that offer children the knowledge and skills to drive meaningful change in their lives, their families and their communities.

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