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Is your business working for you?

As the owner are you the highest paid person in your business? Do you have the most holidays? Do you go home to see your kids on time every night?

If the answer is no, let me ask you this final question: Is there anyone who knows and cares about the numbers at the end of the month as much as you do?

If that’s a no too, then you really must learn how to get your business working for you, rather than you working for it. Having a business should give you a better life, not less of a life.

You have the opportunity to come along and work with internationally respected business coach Ian Kinnery from Team Massive Results to learn how to ‘Get your business working for you’. In this interactive workshop, Ian will show you:

  • How to help your team be as committed to the results as you are
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to inspire a great team to work in your business so you don’t have to
  • by being an expert in effective team leadership.

Do this so that you can lead your business, making it work for you and have the time to get back to real hobbies, spending time with your family and reaping the benefits of running your own business.

Who should attend?

You should:

  • If you are ambitious and want to Scale your business
  • If you want to get your business working for you
  • If you are tired of the humiliation of mediocre results
  • If you know you deserve more respect, fun and freedom than your business is currently giving you
  • If you are scared about what might happen but know that with the right help you can handle anything
  • If you just want to get better
  • If you know there are answers you deserve to find

'How to get your business working for you' Interactive Workshop takes place on 19th March 2019 from 9 am to 12noon in the Castle View Suite of Durham County Cricket Club, Riverside, Chester-le-street, DH3 3QR.

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