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Rebecca Wayman

Huawei reports $100bn sales amid 5G network security breaches

Despite fears the Chinese telecoms firm poses a security threat, Huawei has reported its revenues topped $100bn in 2018.

The firm said its revenue for 2018 hit 721.2bn yuan (around $107bn), while its net profit jumped 25 per cent to 59.3bn yuan.

However, the US - among others - have restricted Huawei operations due to links it has with a Beijing security threat.

The Shenzhen-based company has said its global revenue went up 19.5 per cent last year, which is its fastest growth in two years.

Huawei has faced growing scrutiny from Western world countries due to the supposed lack of security in its 5G mobile networks.

Australia, New Zealand and the US have denied local firms access to using Huawei, so to provide technology for these 5G networks.

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