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Three Smart Tech Hacks to Look After Your Home This Easter

Many families are looking forward to the Easter break this week, as Brits up and down the country prepare to go away over the long weekend.

We’re hitting the road like never before; just two weeks ago, the RAC estimated that drivers made roughly 14 million leisure trips over the weekend from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April. With temperatures set to soar into the long weekend, a second wave of congestion is anticipated over Easter, indicating that Brits are increasingly leaving their homes for the holidays - and for longer periods of time.

Matt Poll, CEO of Neos, one such smart home security company, says “when preparing for the holidays, it’s easy to overwhelm your mind with everything you need to pack, but it’s just as important to remember what to leave behind. Ensuring that your home is protected and under your watch is crucial over this holiday period.”

This is precisely where smart home preventative technology comes into play. Here are three smart home security devices that will ensure peace of mind while you’re away over Easter:

1. The Security Camera

Simple, easy-to-install smart cameras that connect to an app on a smartphone can offer users instant oversight into what’s happening in their homes if they’re not there. Some of these companies even have the ability to send users alerts through apps, informing them of any motion or noise detection that occurs at home.

2. The Smoke Detector

Smart smoke sensors can detect even the smallest amount of smoke, and alert you right away. They provide an extra layer of added protection on top of your home’s current smoke alarms, using both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection.

3. The Leak Sensor

Leak sensors can stop a puddle from becoming a big problem by catching it early. Sensors fit discreetly under sinks, washing machines and water tanks, and can detect as little as 3ml of water.

As Easter approaches and Brits continue the travelling tradition over the long weekend, families can be assured that there are easier ways to safeguard their homes and ensure they have peace of mind when away from home.

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