Gary Powell
Gary Powell, MD of Admired Properties.
Rebecca Wayman

Morpeth businessman brokers major deal for over 50 Newcastle city centre properties

Local property investment specialist, Gary Powell has brokered a deal for over 50 properties at Newcastle’s new Hadrians Tower.

Gary, who is managing director of Morpeth-based Admired Properties, worked with developer, The High Street Group, brokering the deal through his partners in Asia and London.

Hadrians Tower - a residential development in Newcastle city centre - has 162 units over 27 storeys. Floors 1-26 are residential and floor 27 is a champagne bar.

Gary, who is from Kenton and now lives in Morpeth, has worked both in the UK and Asia markets for over 20 years before establishing Admired Properties in 2017.

He said: “We are a family business that is bringing influential investor contacts to the North East. We are dedicated to seeing the region grow and whatever we can do through brokerage or, in the future, our own developments, we are committed to that.

“Over the last ten years, Newcastle’s property investment has risen rapidly, increasing the demand for buy-to-let through continuous regeneration projects. This is only set to continue with £25m plans to build 15,000 homes by 2030.

“The city’s tech sector is worth £1bn, leading potential investors to recognise it as a UK hotspot, highlighting the success, affluence and achievement on a city-wide scale and stressing the reason to invest in Newcastle.”

Gary’s company specialises in linking global investors with UK developers.

In addition to brokering Hadrians Towers for The High Street Group, it has also procured 70 out of 127 units in a residential development in Salford and 41 properties at Westminster Works in Birmingham.

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