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Printing Company Helps Game of Thrones Actors Secure Next Job

Arya, Jon, Tormund and five others have new business cards to utilise their transferable skills into the world of work

An online printing company has crafted business cards for long serving Game of Thrones characters who have managed to survive eight years of the series’ brutal twists and turns.
Following the final episode, instantprint is helping beloved characters who have survived the Red Wedding, Joffrey’s cruelty and countless ‘White Walker’ and dragon attacks, into steady employment after almost a decade.

Designers at instantprint, the UK’s biggest online printing company, have created custom business cards for some of the longest surviving characters, highlighting their most valuable qualifications and transferable skills.

Jon Constantine-Smith, head of instantprint, said: “The uncertainty and lack of security when coming to the end of any job, can be terrifying, and a lot can change in that time in the world of networking and job interviews.

“With that in mind, we thought we’d reward those characters who have with a helping hand back onto the career ladder. We imagine it’ll be difficult adjusting from a world of dragons and the undead, so our design team took it upon themselves to analyse each character’s skill set and create business cards that will come in handy at networking events, and hopefully help them to land their next job.”

Each character’s personal interests and family ‘House’ have all been taken into consideration in the design process, as the aesthetic of a business card can tell you just as much about a person as the written content.

The business cards have been designed for the below surviving characters:

  1. Ayra Stark
  2. Sansa Stark
  3. Bran Stark
  4. Jon Snow / Stark / Targaryen
  5. Ghost
  6. Tyrion Lannister
  7. Brienne of Tarth
  8. Tormund Giantsbane
  9. Samwell Tarly

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