10x Psychology and YSC Consulting Partner on Technology Using Predictive Psychometrics to Help Businesses Achieve their Future Strategy

10x Psychology, the predictive psychometrics provider, and global leadership strategy consultancy YSC Consulting, announced today a new partnership that will enable organisations to better identify future leaders. Through this partnership, YSC’s JDI Model of PotentialTM (Judgement, Drive, Influence) will be re-imagined digitally. Organisations will be able to evaluate the potential of their employees through the lens of JDI, providing both real-time insight into their talent populations together with tailored development interventions and fast-paced feedback loops.

YSC Consulting delivers in-depth expertise and insight to senior stakeholders, whilst 10x Psychology provides advanced psychometrics science, predictive analytics and machine learning to help businesses attract, retain and develop employees. This distinctive partnership will see YSC and 10x Psychology develop a joint roadmap that will utilise 10x Psychology’s ground-breaking technology to drive increased scale, pace and accuracy of YSC’s services.

This global partnership will apply to YSC’s extensive and high-profile client base, which spans 19 locations around the world. Working together, YSC and 10x Psychology will be able to provide clients with the consistent models, inputs and data analytics to make quick, informed talent decisions across their entire organisation.

“By partnering with 10x Psychology, we will have an incredibly experienced team in leadership, psychometrics and global operation,” said Rob Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, YSC. “One of YSC’s goals has always been to help organisations build leadership teams that will help them achieve their future business strategies. To do this, we have needed to understand and embed ourselves in the intentional design of the leadership and experience the interactions and shared culture of the organisation. 10x Psychology’s best-in-class technology will allow our team to gather these insights more accurately and swiftly, and help us advise our clients more effectively. It’s a natural next-step for us to enhance the value-proposition we’ve had since day one, and it’s an exciting partnership for YSC, 10x Psychology and our clients.”

“Given the increasing complexity of the world of work and the demands this places on leaders, identifying and developing leaders of the future is increasingly critical to business performance,” said Professor Peter Saville, Founder at 10x Psychology. “Here at 10x Psychology, we know that our clients need the very best in people insight to identify and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, whilst delivering exceptional business value. We enable clients to make well-informed, real-time decisions using relevant insights they can understand and trust. Using our unique blend of psychometric tools, broader measures of wellbeing and resilience, and our predictive performance methodology, we offer clients an accurate representation of each employee’s skills, motivators and work styles so that they can develop a robust and holistic measurement of hiring and development decisions.”

Nick Shaw, CEO at 10x Psychology, added: “Through our partnership with YSC, we will be able to enhance the identification of leadership potential within a business, as well as complement YSC’s face-to-face assessment with our own scalable assessment solution. This will allow our joint clients to identify potential and predict performance at all levels of their organisations. This is the start of a long relationship with a highly trusted and renowned organisation and we look forward to enabling YSC to develop its world-class leadership offering still further in the years ahead.”

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