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Meet 3 London Twentysomething's in Business on a Mission to Reinvent the Influencer

A 29 year old from London who’s starred in Batman, coached Amazon and created a 6 figure International business 3 years after working as a postie, is on a mission to change the lives of thousands of other Millennials alongside his business partner and Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell, as the powerhouse trio unite on their newly formed mission to “re-invent the influencer”.

Liam James Collins, COO of The Coaching Masters, along with his business partner, Lewis Raymond Taylor who built the 6 figure business in just 8 months only 3 years after serving in prison for multiple offences, have teamed up with their client, Jonny Mitchell of Love Island and Big Brother fame, to challenge the reality of the influencer lifestyle. Together they are working towards reprogramming the minds of their audience, who currently aspire to make their fortunes through being social media influencers. Instead they are offering Millennials a new kind of education - showing them how to get rich in a way that makes genuine impact on the lives of others, as they set out to challenge what the word influencer actually means.

Having developed training together on ‘How to live an influencer lifestyle & start your own successful online business even if you have no experience or self-confidence’ the team are openly on a mission to create more millionaire millennials…. however, their message is very much that you don’t need to chase fame to achieve this, you can achieve it by doing good, as they set about their mission of making the influencer lifestyle achievable, through coaching.

Liam said: “We are here to prove that the freedom, financial abundance and extravagant lifestyles that many millennials crave can be achieved. It’s not a a fake Instagram dream -it’s do-able. We’ve done it and now we are showing others how to do it. This is powerful stuff”.

Having been at both the glory end of public adoration and the receiving end of abusive trolling after his reality TV stints, Jonny Mitchell, has refocused his attention recently onto his business and investments rather than his influencer activity and is keen to warn others of the pitfalls of the celebrity influencer route. He said: “ I have felt a new freedom and a real sense of pride in having more recently funded my influencer lifestyle through my business and I am determining how I can grow my business, so I am less dependent on playing the fame game, which is a cruel cruel game - and one that can very quickly turn on you. Why would we attach our dream lifestyle to something like that when in actual fact we can attach it to something that actually means something, via coaching“.

Liam has also experienced the highs and lows of his life being defined by others from his acting days, with a highlight of his early career - becoming Tom Hardy’s body double in Batman - being swiftly followed by a lowlight as his dreams of Hollywood were crushed and only 2 years after being on set with Tom Hardy delivering lines, he was delivering his mail in London, having taken a job as a postman to pay his bills when the acting work started to dry up.

Now 29 and a 6 figure business owner and globally recognised coach supporting Millennials to create the lifestyle they desire, Liam has found his passion and purpose and is on a mission to help others do the same. He entered coaching after he met Paul McKenna who told him - “The amount of influence you have is directly proportionate to the amount of people you help” - a message that Liam now wants to pass on to the rest of his generation, in a bid to help shift their mindset.

He added: “Society wants you to get a job, pay your bills and die. School doesn’t teach you the stuff you need to thrive and we are often surrounded by negativity that is intended to curb our dreams. With research from The Workplace Happiness Survey showing that 70% of employed millennials in 2019 are “determined to quit their current job and look for pastures new this year” we want to be able to show people it is possible to work when you want, where you want, how you want and to create a lifestyle from your career that contributes towards your happiness- we’ve done it and were 2 guys whose prospects were pretty dire - it’s not as hard as you think”.

Liam’s business partner Lewis, who now coaches celebrities globally and lives a location independent lifestyle travelling the world has overcome substance misuse, trauma, mental illness, addiction, multiple prison sentences and numerous near-death experiences to now live a life of a teetotal international Business & Mindset Coach, who has six online multiple-six figure businesses. He is a huge advocate of sharing his path to success to help carve a smother path for those who follow and is on a mission to inspire others to create the life they actually want.

Liam added: “We also want to respond to Millennials desires to make an impact -research upon research tells us that we are a generation who want to have an influence on the world - We are on a mission to ensure that the influence is one of depth, as we continue creating a community of people who help others and make a difference through their coaching skills”.

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