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Save Money on your eCommerce deliveries - Tips for Sellers

When selling products on any ecommerce platform, start with the basics such as, how strong does my packaging need to be? Clothing is such an easy product to send but fragile and glass items are harder to pack. As yourself, will my product require bubble wrap, air pillows or some other material? Will I be sending my item internationally? Does it need to be sent in a double wall or single wall box Do I need a box that can fit through the letter box?

Do I need a logo on my packaging? Bespoke boxes look professional and unique. There are many different sizes and styles and a good bespoke manufacturer can help you choose between shelf ready packaging; Countertop displays and packaging for the food and drink sector.

Do I need to fill my boxes? If you are using bubble wrap or another packaging material, make sure that you line your box first and then start to wrap your product separately. Glass and more fragile products should be wrapped with a few layers of bubble wrap to make sure that they are secure. Pack the box as tight as possible so that there is no movement inside the box. Add more bubble wrap to the inside of the box to make sure there is absolutely no movement from your product as this can cause damage. If you want to be eco-friendly why not fill any voids with scrunched up newspaper or old rags.

What tape should I use for my parcels? Don’t be mistaken into believing that all packaging tape is the same. It does make sense to invest in some good quality tape to make sure that your boxes arrived in one piece. We would recommend investing in some fragile tape if you have glass or items that are breakable and good quality brown or white tape. What courier should I use? There is a plethora of couriers around, so it does make sense to regularly check with couriers to see who offers the best deals. Good courier comparison sites can easily be found on the internet. To make sure you are getting the best deals available, always know the exact weight and size of your parcel. A good quality set of scales is recommended for weighing your items as you wouldn’t want to post out to your customer and incur charges or worse still, your customer incurs charges to collect there purchases!

How much is a good courier? Choose before you send your item or items, what postage you are offering your customers. Next day delivery is ideal for your feedback, your performance rate and customer satisfaction, however this can be costly. Ask yourself if you have the margins to pay for next day delivery or if you will charge your customers any extra for a quicker service.

Compare your Competitors Shipping your products can be challenging for any business. Research shipping cost and packaging as much as possible before signing up with any couriers or bulk buying any packaging supplies. Sending orders will need tweaking on occasion and its always worth keeping up to date with Royal Mails regulations to make sure that you are never overcharged for incorrect size packaging or paying an incorrect rate. Compare what your competitors are charging every 6 months to make sure that you are delivering the best service and cost to your customers.

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