The North East’s Leading Technology Firm, Advantex Launch State-Of-The-Art Cybersecurity Suite

Cybercrime isn’t a fad, it’s not a hyped-up deadline like the millennium bug or last year’s GDPR, you know, when everyone lost their heads only to come out the other side alive and well.

Well like them, cybercrime is also alive and well, and is most definitely here to stay.

With over 60% of British firms reporting some form of cybercrime in the past 12 months, up from 45% in 2018, the seriousness of this global pandemic is one we simply can’t ignore.

What’s more alarming, is the lack of investment into cybersecurity, whether it be poor understanding and awareness, or the sheer lack of education, worryingly, nearly three quarters of UK businesses have admitted they are still not prepared.

Here at Advantex, we see attacks big and small every day, and whilst you’re only likely to see the headline stories, like the record £183m fine from the ICO on British Airways, you’ll more than likely still be telling yourself, “it won’t happen to me”, but you, the low-hanging fruit are an easy pick for any hacker - and with the average cost of an attack hitting a business for over £25,000, it begs the question, can you really afford to take the risk?

Following years of research and development into cybercrime, and the plethora of technologies that are available, we decided now was the time to ACT.

By creating a state-of-the-art suite of technologies, that not only educates, protects and restores your business from the forever-growing threat of cybercrime, it also gives you total peace of mind for when you do come under attack – as it’s a case of when, not if.

Launched in July 2019, ACT (Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies) is at the forefront of cybercrime prevention, utilising the skills and services from some of the worlds most talented and innovative people and organisations - putting your business at the pinnacle of security, making it safer than ever from the imminent threat of an attack.

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