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Award winning entrepreneur rises above Gary Vee and Alan Sugar with best-seller

An award winning Bedfordshire-based female entrepreneur who has quadrupled the size of her business this year, is celebrating her latest achievement after ‘Get Visible: How To Have More Impact, Influence & Income’ hit number 1 in In Bestsellers for Self Help, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Counselling and Self Help and achieved Amazon Hot New Releases for Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Business, Careers, Counselling and Self-Help. It also is currently in the top 900 of ALL books on Amazon outranking books by David Walliams, Alan Sugar, Elon Musk, Gary Vee and Simon Sinek.

Anna’s book was created as part of her mission to inspire other business leaders to be visible and in it she shares details of her personal development journey, which saw her defy doctors to walk again, when wheelchair bound. She has since applied her learnings to help her realise her potential in business too, and in the book offers tips and advice to readers of how they can do the same.

As part of taking control of her life, Anna decided to embrace Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practices and mindset work, to grow her impact as a voiceover artist ,which saw her become nominated for five awards in Hollywood, and experience being an award winner alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring other women and speak alongside stars such as Ruby Wax on mindfulness.

Now working as an award-winning Visibility Coach, helping clients achieve success, visibility, transformation and recognition she said: “My mission now, having been on my own journey to get comfortable with being visible, driven by the fact that I know I have so much knowledge and experience to share, is helping other business leaders who are battling their own internal challenges, taking them from Invisible to Invincible! Sometimes this means dealing with Imposter Syndrome, sometimes this means actually helping clients identify what it is that is holding them back, for others it’s being that supportive sounding board, here to listen and guide, as someone who has been through it.”   

“When I was hiding I had become scared of showing people who I was. I was dimming my light to not outshine those around me. I’d known since early school days that girls my age were often intimidated by my potential, and that felt painful and led to a fear of rejection. I pulled back and hid parts of myself and throughout my life I’d subconsciously played myself small”.

On a mission to now have impact globally last month Anna launched her Podcast, ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’, which enjoyed instant success, seeing her reach No3 in the iTunes Charts for business and No 11 globally for business, outranking business leaders such as Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Gary Vee, Amy Porterfield and even her own mentor Rob Moore.

Now her book is the next step in her knowledge sharing mission.

Rob Moore, a self made millionaire and mentor to celebrity clients said of Anna’s book: “ To be successful in business first you need to get noticed. This book teaches you how to become visible, credible and scalable in your field.“

She said: “The truth is that anyone can choose to be visible, seen and heard. And I did choose. I chose recovery, forward-thinking and achievement. Becoming visible consciously and deliberately was the cornerstone to transforming my sense of fulfilment, my professional achievements, my income. Along the way, a dramatic turnaround in my thoughts allowed and enabled my physical recovery. I permitted myself to go full throttle towards opportunities with a sense of adventure - free from the fear of success, free from the fear of failure - and as a result I found myself on red carpets in Hollywood, I found myself on international stages as a headline speaker and I found myself a multi award-winning business coach and entrepreneur.”

Anna’s best-selling book ‘Get Visible: How To Have More Impact, Influence & Income’ aims to help readers become empowered to stop limiting beliefs and re-frame their thinking to change their mind-set to self-belief and embrace being visible. The book is available to download from Amazon. The book also guides readers on how to increase their income through branding themselves as an expert and guides on how visibility is the first step to doing so.

Anna said: “It is crucial to ensure you’re known for what you do! If you want to run an effective business, become an author or speaker, or even up-level the results you get and clients you reach, you must be visible. “It is my mission to empower others to strip back their invisibility cloaks and become even more visible in 2020!””

At the end of the book there are a series of activities the reader can interact with to reflect on their own lives, and apply Anna’s techniques, insight and guidance.

Anna is being recognised for her impact from all angles and is currently a finalist for National Business Woman of the Year at the SME awards and Woman of the Year and best New Business for National Business Women’s awards.

Anna’s Top Tips to Get Visible and Have Income, Impact & Influencer in 2020! Focus on what you want We become so attuned to what we’re not happy with in our lives but imagine what would happen if you started to focus on what you do want? I know the answer. You can achieve the kind of things that currently you can hardly conceive of. I began by looking at what I was no longer willing to accept in my life. I created a new list of what I did now want to experience and altered my choice of words to enable new pathways of thought to develop and deepen. Connect with those who NEED to see you One of the most important elements of success is to widen your circle of influence, become valued in your field and create feelings of trust and liking towards you. Actually, you should be creating connections that run deeper - how can you make people love you? The answer - by building relationships, trust and respect - one person at a time. Craft Your Credibility Credibility matters because trust, loyalty and recognition within a field are the primary reasons someone will choose to initially follow you and later to work with you or buy from you, whatever your service or product. If you want more sales, more bookings, more recommendations and more connections, establishing credibility and making this a key part of your ongoing marketing efforts is paramount. People buy from people - more importantly they buy from people they feel that they like, know and trust. Change how you talk to yourself Complaining, resentment, frustration and blame affect your mood and emotion, and can even have longer-term impact on the unconscious mind. At my lowest point, I thought what would happen if I changed my language emphasis to healing instead of pain? What would happen if I focused on the things I can do and that I do want, without allowing self-doubt or fear to creep in? What would happen if I ceased talking about limitations and resentments and started looking for opportunities and growth? Changing the way I spoke to myself, shifting to a more positive way of viewing things allowed me to take control of my thoughts, and tackle limiting self-beliefs. Drill Down on Your Niche My biggest piece of advice is to drill down on your niche! You want to be THE expert in a given area, not someone who can help anyone. You want to be the one who comes to mind for a deliberate and intentional element of what you do. The sooner you get specific, the quicker people will know who to refer to you. You become memorable, no longer vanilla and generic but a flavour that resonates with the right kind of people.

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