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Plans to open South Kent's first canine rehabilitation & fitness centre

Laura Hackett is a vivacious young entrepreneur with a dream of opening a canine rehabilitation & fitness centre complete with underwater treadmill facilities. Laura has great plans for this centre to be a pillar within the canine community with strong ethical aims & ambitions: “My key goal is to provide our animals with longer, happier, more fulfilling lives whilst helping owners become an integral part of their dog’s well-being. With such a wide variety of tools at hand, the rehabilitation centre aims to be able to help each individual dog & owner with the best treatments available, instilling confidence in vets to make a secondary referral to a centre with musculoskeletal expertise.”.

The innovative canine rehabilitation & fitness centre, operating as Apollo Animal Physiotherapy, will be opening just outside of Westwood Cross, Thanet. The centre has easy access from Dover, Deal, Herne Bay & Canterbury regions. This will be the first secondary referral centre of its kind in the South of Kent.

Laura also has great plans to engage & grow with the local canine community through the centre, with visions of the barn being a focal point for the canine paraprofessional community: “I want puppy training classes, core strengthening workshops, nutrition classes - all things devoted to canine well-being are welcome to collaborate. This centre has great potential to unite those working to improve the welfare of our local canine community”.

Laura has been running a Crowdfunder campaign to help her complete the final stages of building work. Natwest teamed up with Crowdfunder to create the Bring It 2020 campaign - this is aimed at helping female entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams & potential- the competition has many cash prizes available to lucky entrants to help get their projects kick-start even sooner. There are many fantastic rewards available, allowing owners, vets & other canine-related businesses the opportunity to be involved in the formation of this exciting, innovative centre.

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