Jorden Walker, Liam Jones and Alex Hope from CBD Asylum

Facing COVID-19: CBD producer launches hand sanitiser programme to support NHS

A Yorkshire CBD producer has launched a programme which will provide thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser to the NHS and other essential services.

CBD Asylum, which is based in Hull, has ramped up production of hand sanitizer from zero to 10,000 bottles a day over the last month.

The company has launched a ‘buy to donate’ scheme which will see thousands of bottles donated to the NHS and other essential services.

The firm, which employs 14 people, made the decision to produce hand sanitizer when it became apparent current supply chains were struggling, and realizing it had suitable equipment to adapt within its production facility.

CBD Asylum has pledged to donate a free bottle of the sanitizer to those on the front line of the pandemic for every order placed through its website.

Liam Jones, CEO at CBD Asylum, commented: “When we first started making the hand sanitizer I was experimenting for myself and my family and friends, because so many of the products out there are damaging for the skin.

“Within days we were able to produce 200 bottles a day, but when it became apparent there were so many shortages, we upscaled massively.

“Four weeks later we’re now at around 10,000 bottles a day output capacity.

“The team is working 15 hour days, seven days a week, but it’s something we all want to do and we’re very lucky to have the ability to work safely at the moment.

“Although the addition of CBD makes it more expensive than a standard sanitizer, the idea is that after the alcohol has killed the bacteria and the moisturiser has hydrated and softened the skin, the CBD then gets to work on healing the skin and keeping it healthy.

“I’m very fussy about what products myself and my family use, so it was important to me it was of the best possible quality.

“We know we are so lucky to currently be healthy and able to continue in business.

“So, as well as donating products to the amazing essential workers out there, we have also halved the prices of all our products while the pandemic continues.

“With CBD helping with conditions such as anxiety, we know it is particularly important at the moment.

“We know money is tight and there is uncertainty for us all – if we can break even, keeping our team in employment and cover the bills without having to seek help, then we will count ourselves as being unbelievably lucky.”

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