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Coronavirus- Has Capitalism been suspended or deliberately alleviated by Asad Shamim, CEO Furniture in Fashion?

It is safe to say that during these unprecedented times, the capitalist state in the majority of countries across the globe has been suspended.

The last time the capitalist state disappeared from our society was during the second world war.

However, the aftermaths of the second world war marked the existence of the Capitalist model that we are familiar with today.

During this pandemic, many financial experts have argued whether the capitalist state has been suspended or disappeared. There is no longer the differentiation of fiscal and monetary policy. The ideology of public debt being detrimental has also disappeared.

It is also questionable whether the economy of many powerful states will ever recover.

However, it is safe to say that one thing is definitive, we are not going back to the way we were, to business as usual.

At the same time as the emergence of this worldwide pandemic, states across the world are beginning to take a more authoritarian approach. There is also a magnified significance of the class divide in society, racism, and injustice across the world.

In addition, and which is in fact even more alarming is that the institutions that play an important part in building up the economy again have not been put in place.

The question is as this been the result of unfortunate circumstances by way of a disease that is uncontrollable or whether this is a deliberate ploy by the most powerful to ignite the capitalist state again at their convenience and at a level that has never been known before.

We as humans tend to believe what is fed to us by media channels who brainwash us. However, if we look beyond what we are being told to believe, there are significant questions that still remain unanswered:

• Using the UK as an example, it is questionable as to why the whole country has been put in lockdown when it has been established by the UK Government that from the total number of deaths that have occurred due to COVID- 19, 42% were care homes (almost 50%). The remainder, we have been told have been individuals who have underlying medical conditions, in particular those with Diabetes. Recent research by suggests that on average 1,687 people die in a day in the UK on average 1,687 people die in a day. Was a lockdown the best way to control the virus at the stage it was implemented or should measures have been placed such as testing from the UK Government awareness of the disease in February 2020. Precautionary measures of not closing all borders to people entering the UK at that stage were also not implemented. It appears that a mirrored approach has also been taken in the USA. There are countries in the world that have taken a sensible approach and adopted measures almost immediately prior to the increase in the deaths. In particular, the policy adopted by Sweden is in many ways commendable. It has continued with its economy and took sound advice from its medical and scientific experts.

• The UK Government has spent approximately over 300 Billion pounds injecting money into the job retention scheme and is continuing with the scheme until the end of October 2020. It is a well-known fact that the current Government made it known that they were not prepared to assist or sustain the NHS. Funds have been spent on Nightingale Hospitals across the country, the majority of which have never been used and have been closed. The ones that were used have never been at full capacity. The Bills resulting from this spend will no doubt be put on the shoulders of the UK Taxpayer to bear the brunt of ill-founded spending. Would it not have been sensible to inject these phenomenal sums into the prevention of the disease by implementing strategies of mass testing at the initial stages together with scientific research?

• Viruses have dominated the world over the years, the most prominent and deadly examples being SARS & Ebola. Such draconian measures were not put into effect when such infectious diseases worked their way across the Globe. There has been deliberate fear and hysteria instilled into the mindsets of the public created by world media in relation to the novel coronavirus. The UK Government in particular, as well as the USA under the rule of Donald Trump, has not taken heed of the significance of the psychological impact on individuals.

• The results of this well-constructed chaos are creating a severely detrimental effect on the economy. Many individuals have lost their livelihoods and many will continue to do so. This will also take the form of numerous businesses being closed. The standard of living has already dramatically decreased and will continue to fall. It is a given fact that the UK, if not already will fall into a recession which will increase inflation which in turn will create a domino effect on society that will ultimately lead to an increase in criminal activities. There is a major push towards dependence on the state.

• There are well-known prevention remedies that can prevent viral respiratory infections such as coronavirus, examples of which are black seed products and Senna leaves. Inhalation of steam is also known to be beneficial to the lungs an opening of the airways. Publication of such measures is not positively encouraged by the Government. Instead, there is a strong push for a vaccine to alleviate the disease.

Many questions remain unanswered and are becoming an anomaly as the situation unfolds. It leads one to question whether this economic world crisis was deliberately created to benefit the richest and powerful across the globe or whether it was an unfortunate “Act of God”.

The main test for individuals in the UK and across the World is how to alleviate this situation. It is imperative that we raise questions and maintain our independence and rights to speak freely. We must request that a sensible approach is taken to open-world economies and that the approach taken by the UK Government should cease immediately. A failure on the part of us as individuals to think outside the box will result in us becoming victims of our own circumstances.

This was posted in Bdaily's Members' News section by Samantha Peters .

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