Hotel Chocolat, Kensington, W8
Image Source: Ewan Munro

Hotel Chocolat outlook has "never been better" as revenues climb by 20%

A British chocolatier has announced that its revenues have improved by more than 20 per cent over the past year.

Hotel Chocolat reported today that its revenues for this financial year hit £165m, 21 per cent above last year’s figures, and 24 per cent above pre-Covid figures in 2019.

The company added that its growth avenues have “never been better” with increased production and sales across the UK.

This comes after it announced the creation of more than 250 jobs across the country with the expansion of its chocolate factory and its distribution centre.

It is also seeing growth internationally, with its Japanese joint-venture sales rising by 277 per cent, and US sales climbing by 62 per cent.

Angus Thirlwell, co-founder and CEO of Hotel Chocolat, said: “I am fortunate to be able to say that the growth avenues ahead of us have never been better in Hotel Chocolat’s history.

“The strategies we put in place two years ago are now delivering accelerated growth. Our Velvetiser in-home drinks system, our VIP and digital programmes, and our USA and Japanese joint-venture start-ups have step-changed our growth potential.

“Our goal of becoming the most tech-activated chocolate brand is moving forward in leaps and bounds and is already helping to power our major achievements and future growth.

“Indeed, this year we expect more than 50 per cent of our sales to come from digital, partners, and subscription-continuity models, reflecting how Hotel Chocolat is growing and evolving.

“Our brand-building stores will continue to play a pivotal role in our digital-led business, with an unrivalled ability to introduce new customers to our brand.

“I am particularly excited by what we have achieved so far in the USA and Japan, two of the three largest economies in the world.

“We have great growth opportunities there for Hotel Chocolat and strong teams in place to drive and support it.

“We are proud to be making our chocolate in the UK and will be creating over 250 new roles this year as we grow our team, from designers and data gurus to engineers and apprentices.

“The whole Hotel Chocolat family is very grateful for the support from our customers, and we are determined to drive forward our ethical programmes in the communities we work within and our cocoa growers as well as our environmental targets and initiatives.”

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