Middlesbrough development to become "new economic centre" as expansion plans approved

A UK property developer has announced that it is planning to add three buildings to its multi-million pound North East “economic centre”.

Ashall Projects, which has completed the first phase of Middlesbrough’s Centre Square development, has had plans approved to add three new buildings to the site.

The new buildings will expand the development’s capacity, adding space for an extra thousand workers.

The development, which has been approved by Middlesbrough Council’s Planning and Development Committee, has already seen employers move 1,000 workers into the space and announce plans to recruit more.

Mark Ashall, director, commented: “These projects are highly complex and never straight-forward.

“But the first part of the development has been a great success, despite the impact of Covid, and it shows that Middlesbrough is open and ready for business.

“Our new proposal will complete the transformation of Centre Square and create a new economic centre for the Tees Valley employing around 2,000 people.

“They in turn will breathe much needed life into the heart of Middlesbrough as local shops, bars, restaurants and gyms feel the benefit of an influx of spending power.

“This development will attract new employers to Middlesbrough and encourage existing employers to grow.

“It will also help keep businesses in the area and hopefully avoid repeats of Barclaycard’s decision to move its operation and staff from Teesside to Sunderland.”

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