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Plexus Innovation Releases Educational Animation Highlighting Solutions for Housing Provider Business Challenges

Having identified a previously unthought of solution to assist social housing providers on the road to Net Zero, Plexus Innovation has released an animation to demonstrate how they can improve the way they collect compliance data.

Aimed specifically at helping the social housing industry, the animation introduces GUARDIAN®, a must-have IoT technology product that is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Looking at how to remove problems associated with gaining access to facilities to take manual compliance measurements, the animation is a guide to removing that monthly inconvenience associated with manual compliance measurements, from tenants who currently have to wait at home and allow potentially unwelcome access.

The animation shows how the use of the remote technology significantly minimises the Carbon footprint associated with manual compliance measurement at properties across fragmented geography as GUARDIAN® brings an alternative to people driving vans from property to property.

It also shares an insight into reducing water and energy waste associated with manual compliance measurement and inaccurately defined flushing regimes, as well as addressing how to reduce the risk and concern regarding manual compliance measurements and flushing carried out inaccurately, or sometimes not at all.

Plexus Innovation’s managing director, Ian Murray, said:

“We have spoken to so many social housing providers who admit that they would really benefit from having a real time understanding of our asset performance and condition. They also say that they would love to remove admin burden and drive compliance management digital, in turn reducing operational costs and improving tenant wellbeing. With that in mind, we needed to show them quickly and easily how GUARDIAN® can do all of that and more.”

The animation shows how GUARDIAN® measures and monitors temperature, bringing business improvements which help you meet those challenges. It also depicts scenarios where GUARDIAN® can best benefit social housing providers by monitoring in real-time, enhancing business compliance, while reducing risk, water waste, energy consumption and relieving pressure on human time.

In addition to removing the need for any monthly manual legionella measurements and providing a solution to many of the challenges outlined here, GUARDIAN® can also identify and alert to taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets, enabling early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis.

Ian Murray, concluded:

“We know how busy social housing provider teams are, and that the benefits gained from implementation of GUARDIAN® overlap with their current challenges. We believe that this animation, which is less than two minutes long, is a great way to explain how we can help. We work with a rapidly expanding group of social housing providers and the positive impact we are having is proving to be significant, so the more we can do to deliver our message, the more we can help with their challenges.”

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