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Pixel Kicks agrees Crypto payment deal with Fear for new site project

Following a competitive pitch, full-service digital agency Pixel Kicks has been appointed by Fear to design and develop a bespoke new website that will be paid for in cryptocurrency.

Fear is a “play to earn” online gaming ecosystem that uses cryptocurrencies to let players earn real money. Specialising in horror gaming, the company works with games publishers to convert them over to the Fear cryptocurrency platform.

Fear’s target audience is mainly young adults across the globe who are interested in the horror genre. It also has plans in the pipeline to become a launch pad for game developers.

Pixel Kicks will create a site using Craft CMS and React to ensure fast page load times. It will be ready for launch in early 2022. Payment for the project will be made in Tether which is a stable coin that doesn’t go up or down in value. 1Tether always equals 1USD.

Chris Buckley – MD of Pixel Kicks – said: “Fear is a highly innovative platform with a unique offering, so we are really excited to be working with them. The importance of cryptocurrency is only getting stronger and it’s something we have been interested in for a while so our decision to accept payment in Tether was a natural one for us. I predict this kind of transaction will become more commonplace over the coming years as businesses begin to see it as a safe alternative to more traditional methods of payment.”

Ash Harris - Chief Marketing Officer at Fear - added: “It’s important that we work with an agency that not only shows they understand modern website design, but also have direct experience in the cryptocurrency scene. Pixel Kicks have both, so we knew they were the obvious choice.”

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