Mo Sahib, CEO
Mo Sahib, CEO

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Manchester firm launches FilesDNA to ensure fraud prevention for secure international business

Manchester’s Borderless Security has launched a new e-signature solution, FilesDNA, that integrates blockchain, AI and ML technology to guarantee fraud prevention and security, for cross-country electronic document sharing - for businesses and individuals globally.

FilesDNA integrates custom security protocols for signing paperwork, contracts and legally binding documents securely wherever users are located. By including cyber security software, FilesDNA offers a number of levels of verification of signatories to empower users worldwide with full control over their documents and assurance against fraud, which is essential for cross-country business and securing operational channels.

Mo Sahib, CEO of Borderless Security and FilesDNA, commented: “Using cloud-based technology, blockchain technology and cryptographic methods, our free e-signature software ensures that each and every document you sign is an authentic, transparent document that hasn’t been altered after being signed. With multiple layers of security, from machine learning in our Smart Signature Pad to ID and fingerprint verification, we go the extra mile to ensure all your documents are safe and sound.

“Now, with FilesDNA, users can verify the identity of anyone, anywhere in the world behind a computer, just as if the person is sitting next to you. Not only is our software highly secure, but it is also easy to use, time-saving and convenient. We encourage businesses and individuals alike to make the seamless switch from paper to pixel with FilesDNA.”

Thanks to FilesDNA verifying every step of the document signing process from authorised business personnel and contractor IDs to buyers and sellers, it protects electronic documents that require both digital and electronic signatures, using the application of artificial intelligence. This innovative cutting-edge technology helps prevent fraud, forgery and other criminal behaviour when sharing sensitive information and important documents.

At the same time, the company aims to reduce environmental impact as, by using E-Signature rather than paper for contracts, FilesDNA would save around 2 billion trees per year, currently being used for office paper production.

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