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London fintech disruptor launches e-commerce platform to "revolutionise" payments

A London fintech disruptor has launched an all-in-one e-commerce platform to “revolutionise payments” offerings for SMEs.

Trust Payments, a fintech platform specialising in frictionless payments and value-added services for businesses, has announced the launch supported by the acquisition of Stor, an innovative solution that offers merchants end-to-end online shopping tools.

With the addition of Stor, Trust Payments’ unique Converged Commerce™ combines payments and banking as a service with added value offerings including retail operations technology from WonderLane and a seamless, data-rich platform to capture and expand customer engagement and loyalty programmes on mobile devices via Mobilize Systems.

Stor equips SMEs with hundreds of easy-to-use tools and features. From advanced web design, artificial intelligence analytics and SEO to accepting credit and debit card payments, pre-ordering or stock management - brands can personalise and tailor their online store experience.

Daniel Holden, group chief executive officer of Trust Payments, said: “The acquisition of Stor is part of Trust Payments’ ambitious digitisation expansion drive as we create a one-stop-shop for SME businesses.

“Our vision is to help them drive sales and optimise their customer experiences. We do this with help from a 360° real-time view which offers a deep understanding on how customers engage, pay for products, choose to receive their goods and why they come back.”

Jonathan O’Connor, group chief commercial officer of Trust Payments, added: “Leveraging Stor’s technology allows it to offer a highly scalable and effective webshop solution that allows merchants to quickly launch a professional offering and start selling to customers, wherever they are.”

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