Quick ways to enhance your resilience levels

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One of the most powerful tools we can all develop is our resilience. Whether this is resilience at work, or at home – one thing is for sure – we will all experience change and adversity, and our resilience levels will determine how well we deal with that.

January is always a time for lower levels of resilience, with the excitement of Christmas passed, and with all of the challenges that the last year has brought, this one may feel tougher than ever.

We give resilience tips to businesses all of the time, but wanted to put a post together with some quick wins that everyone can implement.

Lengthen Your Morning Before You Let The Outer World In

Often, one of the first things we do in the morning is reach for our phone. Whether that is to read the news, check emails and messages or scroll social media, we are immediately letting the external world in, often before our brain is fully awake or we are even out of bed.

Resource download - Staying Resilient During Uncertainty

By lengthening the amount of time you have in the morning before you let factors outside of your immediate household in, can ground you in presence, and often makes the start to your day more intentional and effective.

This could be as simple as getting up for a cup of coffee in peace before the rest of the house wakes up, or spending breakfast time with your family before you get drawn into work emails, or it could be inserting a new morning routine like The Miracle Morning.

Be Conscious Of The Seasons Of Your Day

Celynn Morin, a workplace wellbeing expert, talks about thinking about your day in four seasons, and considering how you are taking care of your wellbeing around those:

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