The Power of Presence – What Does it Mean and How Can You Use It?

Duo Global Consulting

Body language is an essential tool in connecting with people, building an engaged audience and it is the key element in influencing – whether that is to just one person, or a large audience. There is one thing in common with people who leave a lasting impression – they have the power of presence, and are aware of the impact their behaviour has on others.

We meet smart leaders all of the time, but still a lot of these leaders fail to influence key stakeholders. So what is going wrong? Well, what they say is rarely the issue – but how they deliver their message, and their body language when doing so, fails to deliver impact, or influence their audience.

“Your actions are so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are often so unaware of the body language we bring to the table that we fail to utilise its true power. Body language can be everything from your facial expressions to reinforcing messages with your actions, to body language that builds rapport, to simply being aware of any blockers that may prevent your message from landing.

As part of the behavioural work we do at Duo, we provide leaders with an insight into their dominant behaviours and how this may be impacting the presence they have and the default behaviours they bring to the table.

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