Financial app Revolut doubles down on making cryptocurrency “more accessible”

Revolut, a London headquartered financial ‘super app’ with more than 27 million customers worldwide, is taking another step forward towards its mission to make crypto “more accessible”, with a fourth ‘Learn & Earn’ course.

In this second course with Polkadot, users will be introduced to the ins and outs of staking and have the ability to collect additional DOT, Polkadot’s native token, by staking directly in-app.

Polkadot was the first protocol whose token was made available through Revolut’s ‘Learn & Earn’, enabling customers to collect DOT tokens while learning about technology that underpins financial innovation.

The new course is available to Revolut customers in the UK and EEA, who can get up to 8 GBP/ EUR in DOT tokens by taking these short and simple courses and passing the final quiz. The reward will be added to the user’s Revolut crypto balance after correctly completing the quiz.

The “Polkadot Bonus” course consists of two lessons. The first explains the process of staking; the second lesson focuses on the multichain concept and multichain interaction. The content is based on visual materials including interactive cards and videos to share key insights about Polkadot’s native token, DOT, as well as Polkadot’s use cases.

Emil Urmanshin, crypto general manager at Revolut, commented: “We are continuing to make the crypto world more accessible as the interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to rise. Millions of our customers have already completed our Learn & Earn courses so far.

“We believe that the only way customers can make informed decisions about their finances is by making sure that they have all the right tools to understand how crypto works. This is why we are very excited for our second course with Polkadot which provides customers with the opportunity to learn more about staking.

“Considering recent regulatory developments, we strongly believe that the timing for this course is right; customers will have the opportunity to understand what “on-chain” staking is, understand how it works and make sure that they feel comfortable to put their crypto to work and earn staking rewards on their balances. “

Polkadot co-founder Robert Habermeier added: “We’re seeing growing demand from consumers to learn more about crypto, and we’re excited to build on the success of Revolut’s Learn & Earn program with this new staking course to continue to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

“Staking is an important tool in the Polkadot ecosystem, it allows anyone to actively participate in the movement to build a better web by helping us to secure and further decentralise the network.”

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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