Yorkshire manufacturer delivers sustainable flood defence to one of the UK’s largest construction firms

The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems, Andel installed sustainable flood defence for UK Power Networks, recently.

The Yorkshire SME installed its innovative FloodWall and FloodBlox products to protect transformers on a large substation in Croydon which helps supply electricity to London and the southeast of England.

With panels and posts constructed from 100 per cent nonporous, post-industrial plastic waste, Andel’s FloodWall is a sustainable cost-effective system compared to traditional flood defence systems. Andel added extra value to the project by installing their market-leading BundGuard units, providing the site with an automatic bund dewatering solution.

The Barnsley-based company worked with Clancy who managed the construction and implementation of the flood defence system on behalf of UK Power Networks. As well as its flood alert and defence systems, Andel is responsible for oil storage, fuel maintenance, sampling, and inspections at more than 50 per cent of all NHS trusts in England and two years ago pledged to go carbon-zero by 2025.

Managing director, Peter Double, said: “We’re very proud of FloodWall as it is made from recycled materials therefore, we encourage clients to use it to improve sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. The concrete used in flood defences represents around 50 per cent of our carbon footprint, therefore our solution is an important alternative in the flood defence market.

“I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment and since it was founded in 1992, Andel has been committed to protecting our world for future generations to come.”

Craig Aust, project manager at Clancy said: “We made the right choice working with Andel on this project. We have worked with them before providing pollution prevention products and maintenance services for the electrical distribution sector.

“As a safeguard against the increasing risk of flooding, Andel was able to provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the Croydon substation, protecting UK Power Networks transformers from the risk of future flooding.”

Earlier this year, the Lord Mayor of Leeds welcomed Andel to the University of Leeds Nexus Innovation Hub and the company won the Manufacturing Innovation at the Made in Sheffield awards.

Andel has previously won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and was cited as one of the success stories of the 2012 London Olympics installing and commissioning several leak detection systems in the main stadium, the white-water canoe course, and the Olympic village.

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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