Proptech startup to unveil “exciting” new AI features for simpler property listings

This week, London and Manchester based proptech startup Giraffe360 is set to announce a new AI feature that equips real estate professionals with automated, sales-driven property descriptions, to be used in property listings and other marketing channels.

This allows agents and realtors to “effortlessly describe properties in a way that captivates customers and incentivises the purchase of more homes”.

The automated tool generates clear and compelling descriptions of properties using a GPT neural network. Insights, such as area information, floor plans, and detected furniture arrangements, are automatically gathered from 3D camera scans. It also allows detailed information about the surrounding areas, such as hospitals, schools, and local attractions.

Giraffe360 users have the power to enhance these descriptions by adding extra details and selecting the language style, in accordance with its end use. Users can then bring descriptions to life by automatically generating an audio narration, providing the perfect voiceover for promotional videos and listings.

Giraffe360 CEO, Mikus Opelts, commented: “This advanced machine-learning system prioritises convenience, simplicity, and speed, enabling our users to effortlessly achieve captivating property descriptions. Simply press ‘Scan’ on the camera and receive the perfect description, ready for publishing.”

The company is also set to demonstrate its “exciting” new NERF technology, which allows real estate professionals to virtually present properties in a more 3D and tactile way.

The technology uses multiple 2D stills and panorama images to calculate a 3D ‘radiance field’ that encodes information, such as realistic lighting and reflections, which regular 3D models cannot easily do. The end result is incredibly realistic, enough to market properties online in a truly unique way.

On June 30 Giraffe360 will be announcing the next step in its journey, with an online launch event showcasing a multitude of other Rapid AI features, including Blue Sky Replacement, Room Segmentation, Furniture Detection, Stair Detection, Tracking, Camera Removal, Face Detection, Nadir Infill, Exposure Fusion, Tone Mapping (Colour Correction).

As well as sharing updates to the Virtual Tour Interface and Camera, such as the new Straightening Preview, Timer, Grid and Angle Adjustment Functionalities.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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