A Zeus-branded vehicle driving through a wind farm.

Logistics-tech startup ‘innovator’ announces 400 per cent growth in demand

In just three years, London based logtech startup Zeus has cemented its position as a pioneer in sustainable freight across Europe having significantly grown demand for sustainable freight management solutions and forecasting 100 per cent growth in Y-O-Y revenue, totaling £20m since 2020.

Founded by university friends Jai Kanwar and Clemente Theotokis on the same day they graduated aged just 21, their main drive was to create a new universal standard in sustainable freight.

Zeus now proudly provides freight management solutions to over 60 major enterprise customers including AB InBev, P&G, Whirlpool, Decathlon and Kraft-Heinz in 13 countries across Europe, moving approximately 300,000 tonnes of cargo annually, worth circa £800m.

Founder and CEO Jai Kanwar commented: “Having launched our sustainable transport options a year ago, we’re encouraged and excited by the fast-growing demand for sustainable freight in comparison to the industry mindset we witnessed back in 2020 when we first talked about making the freight sector sustainable and more resilient.

“We’re now on track to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by in excess of 80 per cent, with over £4m spent on sustainable transport interventions including HVO-fuelled trucks, intermodal, and optimised lane-matching solutions to reduce empty miles.”

Zeus’ third year in operation has been successful thanks in part to its expansion into Europe with enterprise clients such as P&G, IPL, Nestle to name but a few, which enabled the startup to increase its haulier base by a third (15,000 trucks to-date), and increased revenue per load by 400 per cent.

As part of its ‘ambitious’ mission to improve sustainability in the freight transport industry, Zeus made a significant hire this year with Head of Sustainability Dr Christopher de Saxe, previously Senior Research Associate at the leading Centre for Sustainable Road Freight at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Christopher de Saxe added: “Regulatory pressures are pushing companies to seek high-impact technology-ready solutions to decarbonise their logistics.

Zeus’ unique single-point-of-access sustainable freight offering allows us to deliver low-carbon logistics wherever it is needed, using the optimal combination of biofuels, intermodal, EVs, and lane-matching. Alongside this our emissions reporting capability accurately tracks progress towards decarbonisation goals.

“Underpinning it all, the digital-first approach provides a service that is streamlined and, importantly, scalable. We’ve already saved leading FMCG companies over 80 per cent in emissions, and the growing demand for these solutions is great to see.”

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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