INTERVIEW: Newcastle video production company talks ‘globe-trotting’ success

On Day 10 of Bdaily’s 12 Days of Christmas, we sat down for a chat with the team from Third Aspect, a Newcastle based video production company whose work takes them around the globe. The team share their highlights from the past 12 months, favourite destinations to shoot, and tease what’s to come in the year ahead. Read on to find out more…

1. First things first, can you tell our readers a bit about what Third Aspect does?

Third Aspect is a company specialising in video and photography for hotel and lifestyle clients. Our in-house creative team works to develop the narratives for our videos, then we partner with some of the most talented interior and lifestyle photographers across the globe to provide content packages for our clients.

We currently cater to brands within the hotel industry. This year alone we have shot throughout Europe, America and Asia.

2. Can you walk us through some of the highlights of 2023 for the business?

2023 has been a great year to see the continued growth of Third Aspect. We have had a new member join our production team, and have developed our offering to include production services for our talented partner photographers.

We have also built relationships with international partners so we are able to run multiple shoots at the same time, across the globe.

Finally, this year we worked on our biggest project to date, shooting 10 hotels under the same brand to develop their own stand alone films and photography, as well as using these to launch a brand film showcasing their portfolio.

3. If you were to pick a favourite location to shoot or produce content, where would it be and why?

Our team all have different choices as they have all been so different!

From our Managing Director (Charlotte Bottomley) - “Anantara Golden Triangle Resort Thailand was a very special shoot as we were working with rescue elephants. A stunning location and it showed we are very lucky to do what we do.”

From our Creative Director (Ross Dixon) - “The Seychelles was an exceptional shoot that saw a harmonious marriage of outstanding client support, exceptional on-camera talent and a dedicated all-star crew. Paired with once in a lifetime experiences this made a shot to remember, and this enjoyment rings through in the final result. “

For our Head of Production and Culture (May Sweeney) - “ I would have to say Mozambique - the landscapes were stunning and the people were so friendly and accommodating. It meant we already had a great base to work with, and the great team helped make it all happen“.

For our Production Assistant (Sarah Winter) - “Amsterdam! The city was very scenic and it was one of my first shoots where I learnt a lot and worked with a great team”.

4. What is your favourite festive tradition?

Each Christmas Third Aspect invites all of the crew we have worked with that year to an annual go karting event. We battle it out to be crowned champion of the track. Ross Dixon, our company’s Creative Director, is usually the one to beat, and this year we have a few strong competitors looking to steal the title from him!

5. Looking forward to 2024, what can you tell our readers about what Third Aspect has in store for the future?

2024 will see the further development of our collaborative working method, on both joint and stand alone video and photography projects. We will also be launching a new website in 2024 to better showcase the benefits of collaborative shooting.

With projects in Asia, the Middle East and Central/South America ready to kick off we are excited to see where the rest of the year takes us.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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