Carbonaires secures strategic investment global distributor and trader of plastics and chemical raw materials

Carbonaires, the London-based carbon asset manager, has today announced it has received a strategic investment from KTM Chemicals S.A. (KTM), a global distributor and trader of plastics and chemical raw materials.

This strategic partnership marks a groundbreaking collaboration between the finance and specialty chemicals sectors, aiming to accelerate the development of high-quality, verifiable carbon and biodiversity projects within KTM’s distribution network and beyond.

Through this investment, Carbonaires will deliver infrastructure, logistics, training, management, support and capital deployment to carbon projects that issue high quality carbon removals and enhance biodiversity across KTM’s network and the wider chemical sector, while also further developing KTM’s own Net Zero strategy.

The collaboration will support the scaling up of high-integrity carbon markets and significantly increase the availability of high-quality carbon credits in a more transparent and effective marketplace.

Rasih Ozturkmen, managing partner at Carbonaires commented, “We are proud to have received this important investment from KTM and would like to thank its board members Keyan Zulfikari and Kerem Zulfikari. We see that there are huge opportunities to learn from such an accomplished and experienced trading team.

“This is not just a financial investment. We believe that working closely with KTM will be a clear and strategic value-add for Carbonaires.”

Keyan Zulfikari, KTM board member, said, “We look ahead to the future with this investment. Business leaders and shareholders need to act now to ensure that renewed foundations are established for a high-integrity carbon offsetting market that is science driven and fit for purpose. We see alignment with the strategic goals of KTM in new and exciting ways incorporating sustainability and commerciality.”

Carbonaires was founded in 2021 by a group of entrepreneurial investors and ESG ambassadors to finance high-quality, high-integrity carbon removal projects. Through its proven streaming model, the company provides funding to enterprises that demonstrably reduce atmospheric carbon, in turn helping businesses to strengthen their financial viability.

The carbon credits generated through projects are made available for purchase to corporations who have committed to a transparent and verifiable carbon reduction plan.

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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