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Finding Freedom: A Guide to Folding Wheelchairs and Electric Folding Wheelchairs

For many people, maintaining an active lifestyle requires a wheelchair. But traditional wheelchairs can be bulky and cumbersome, especially for travel or storage. Folding wheelchairs and electric folding wheelchairs offer a solution, providing mobility without sacrificing portability. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about these innovative mobility aids.

Folding Wheelchairs: Manual Manoeuvrability on the Go

Folding wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs designed to collapse into a more compact size. This makes them easier to transport in a car trunk, store in small spaces, or even take on airplanes. Folding mechanisms vary, but typically involve collapsing the frame and removing the footrests and/or armrests.


  • Portability: The biggest advantage is their ability to fold, making them ideal for active individuals who need their wheelchair for various situations.
  • Storage: They require less storage space than a standard wheelchair, making them perfect for those with limited living areas.
  • Travel: Folding wheelchairs are much easier to transport, whether by car, plane, or even train. Many airlines allow them as carry-on luggage.
  • Manoeuvrability: Folding wheelchairs are often lightweight and designed for agility, making them easier to navigate tight spaces.

Things to Consider:

  • Weight Capacity: Folding wheelchairs typically have lower weight capacities than standard wheelchairs. Be sure to choose one that can accommodate your weight comfortably.
  • Wheel Size: Smaller wheels are more lightweight and manoeuvrable, but larger wheels offer a smoother ride over uneven terrain. Consider your typical usage environment.
  • Seat Width and Depth: Choose a chair with a seat width and depth that provide ample comfort and support. Consider adding cushions for additional comfort.
  • Armrests and Leg Rests: Some folding wheelchairs have removable or adjustable armrests and leg rests for added convenience.
  • Brakes: Brakes are crucial for safety. Ensure they are easy to operate and function effectively.

Who are They For?

Folding wheelchairs are ideal for individuals who:

  • Maintain an active lifestyle and need their wheelchair for various outings.
  • Have limited storage space in their living area.
  • Travel frequently and need a portable mobility solution.
  • Can self-propel or have someone assist them with propelling the chair.

Electric Folding Wheelchairs: Powered Mobility with Portability

Electric folding wheelchairs are essentially motorised versions of folding wheelchairs. They offer the same portability benefits with the added advantage of a battery-powered motor for independent movement. These wheelchairs are controlled via a joystick, offering a comfortable and effortless driving experience.


  • Combines portability with powered mobility, making it ideal for those who require some assistance with propulsion but still value a compact design.
  • Increased Independence: The electric motor allows users to travel farther and with less exertion.
  • Easy to Manoeuvre: Electric folding wheelchairs are designed for tight spaces and offer smooth operation.
  • Many Features: Electric folding wheelchairs often come with additional features like adjustable seats, lights, and speed controls.

Things to Consider:

  • Weight and Portability: While they fold, electric wheelchairs are generally heavier than manual folding wheelchairs due to the motor and batteries.
  • Battery Life and Range: Consider how far you typically need to travel on a single charge. Charging times can also vary.
  • Terrain: Some electric folding wheelchairs are better suited for smooth surfaces, while others can handle some inclines or uneven terrain.
  • Cost: Electric folding wheelchairs are typically more expensive than manual folding wheelchairs.

Who are they for?

Electric folding wheelchairs are ideal for individuals who:

  • Have limited upper-body strength and require assistance with propelling a wheelchair.
  • Desire a portable and convenient option for independent travel.
  • Can manage transferring to and from the electric wheelchair.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair: Folding vs. Electric Folding

The decision between a folding wheelchair and an electric folding wheelchair depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Consider the following factors:

  • Activity Level: If you are very active and need a wheelchair for various outings, a folding wheelchair might suffice. For those who need more assistance with propulsion, an electric folding wheelchair is a better option.
  • Strength and Endurance: If you have limited upper body strength or tyre easily, an electric folding wheelchair will provide greater independence.
  • Travel Needs: If you travel frequently, consider the weight and portability of each option. Both can be suitable for travel, but electric folding wheelchairs might be more challenging to lift and store.
  • Budget: Folding wheelchairs are generally more affordable than electric folding wheelchairs.

Additional Tips for Selecting a Folding Wheelchair

  • Get Measured: A proper measurement is crucial for optimal comfort and safety. This includes seat width and depth, backrest height, and armrest height. Ideally, a healthcare professional or qualified mobility specialist can perform these measurements.
  • Try Before You Buy: Whenever possible, try out different folding wheelchairs to see which one feels most comfortable and manoeuvrable for you. Pay attention to how easy it is to fold and unfold, operate the brakes, and transfer to and from the chair.
  • Consider Customisation: Some manufacturers offer customisation options like seat cushions, headrests, and cup holders for added comfort and functionality.
  • Warranty and Service: Choose a wheelchair with a good warranty and readily available service options for repairs or maintenance.

Folding wheelchairs and electric folding wheelchairs offer a world of possibilities for those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility. By understanding the features, benefits, and considerations of each type, you can make an informed decision that best suits your lifestyle and needs. With the right wheelchair, you can maintain an active and independent life.

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