David Setzer David Setzer


David is a CEO, an entrepreneur and father of five. He currently serves as Chief Executive of Virtual Connect Technologies/Mailprotector, an IT security firm he founded in 2000 that provides critical security and messaging services to thousands of government, business, and non-profit organisations around the world. David founded Mailprotector after identifying a need for cloud-based services to focus exclusively on email security, including email archiving, continuity, management and hosted services. Since then he has built up a multi-million dollar business, based out of Greenville, South Carolina. David is passionate about identifying new opportunities and creating positive growth, including helping and educating entrepreneurs. He is also president of Setzer International CŘ, s.r.o. an organisation he founded in 1994 that provides entrepreneurial opportunities and education throughout the former communist countries of Eastern Europe through professional speaking, leadership coaching, and one-one mentoring.

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