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Our mission is to assist clients in their move to less paper and greater efficiency within a more pleasant working environment by applying the principles of digital document management.Less Paper Solutions converts documents, whatever their size, by scanning and processing images to digital format. The stored image files can then be managed at your desktop as opposed to having to access filing cabinets and storage boxes.Less Paper Solutions offers a variety of tailored software solutions to meet the needs of your business.SAVE TIMEInstead of hunting through drawer after drawer and file after file, the information you need is right at your fingertips with digital documents.SAVE SPACEScanning documents and digital storage frees up valuable floor space. One client now has 4 additional fee earning staff using the floor area previously housing 30 filing cabinets.SAVE MONEYTime is money, space is money. The other dynamic of converting paper to data is improvements to office efficiency and customer service. The quicker you can access important data the quicker your response can be. Increased efficiency leads to increased profit.WORK FROM ANYWHEREOur solutions allow you and your staff to securely access files remotely from virtually anywhere in the world. Consider;- work from home – even work from holiday!FUTURE PROOF YOUR DOCUMENTSPaper files are extremely vulnerable. Converting paper to digital data secures and future proofs one of your company’s biggest assets. We can also help recapture “lost” copy on old and damaged documents.AND SECURE TOODigital documents are far safer than paper. You provide us with paper files and we return you documents on discs or other storage media. On site fireproof storage facilities safeguards your paper files during scanning and safely houses your back up discs

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