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MIke Clayton is a business speaker and an author. His range of seminars covers management, leadership, psychology and personal effectiveness, with a special focus on project and risk management and the management of change. His nine books to date include best selling titles on Time Management (Brilliant Time Management, and The YES/NO Book) and on Stress Management (Brilliant Stress Management), Project Management books (Risk Happens! and Brilliant Project Leader), and the toroughly innovative Smart to Wise, showing you how you can move from being a smart cookie to being perceived by peers, bosses and clients as a wise owl. Contact Mike through his websites: - [www.mikeclayton.co.uk](http://mikeclayton.co.uk) - [www.theyesnobook.co.uk](http://theyesnobook.co.uk) - [www.smarttowise.co.uk](http://smarttowise.co.uk)

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