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Asset, facilities and contract Management Software from Parago makes everyone’s life easier, as it enables you to manage your school in an easy, cost effective and visually engaging way. At the touch of a screen, you can see a virtual image of your whole school and zoom into individual classrooms to see every asset and task. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and say hello to the easiest and most responsible way of controlling, reporting and managing your inventory, contracts and premises on the market. Our fully integrated Asset Management System is the only system developed with schools and academies such as 'Arnewood School Academy Hampshire'. It can streamline your audit process to save you time, eliminate unnecessary expenditure and provide all the information needed for an insurance claim. We partnered with companies such as PS Financials to develop links so you can avoid duplicate data entry by syncing your data directly into our systems. All of these features can be found as standard with our School Inventory Manager and Academy Asset Manager solutions.

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