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Birds of a Feather Poo Together

Pigeons are the bane of urban life - considered by many as flying rats who flap in your face and dirty your car. But they’re also a suburban problem, as Illinois newspaper PJStar reports - a huge flock of pigeons in Cape Cod, USA settled in an abandoned house and the weight of their accumulating droppings eventually caused the roof to collapse. For 10 days the waste festered where it fell, until the authorities finally listened to the neighbours’ complaints and cleaned it up. For two years neighbour Vera Zentko battled with the pigeons by firing elastic bands at them: “It works sometimes,” she explained. Zentko led the complaints against the pigeon poo, citing health risks to her family: “Even if my kid didn’t have asthma, I’d be worried,” she said. “Who wants their children (or themselves) breathing in pigeon-poop fumes?”

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