Ruth Mitchell

Healthy staff means healthy profits

Employing healthy employees directly benefits business productivity, scientists have found. Professor Ian Maynard from Sheffield Hallam University’s research indicates that by encouraging staff to eat healthily, take regular exercise and quit smoking, bosses can help develop a loyal and highly motivated workforce as well as reducing sickness absence.“Seventeen million people go to work each day and spend a large proportion of their waking lives at work, said author of the research Professor Ian Maynard. “Stress has become the single biggest cause of work-related illness, so addressing employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing through wellness programmes is crucial for employers. “Businesses stand to benefit from fewer staff absences, increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention of staff, and an improved external image. By showing that they care about their staff as people, employers are more likely to be rewarded with a more motivated and loyal workforce, who are more likely to return to work quickly if they have had long term illness.”

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