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Tree has villagers spooked

Thousands of people are flocking to a small Malaysian village to see a tree that has reportedly sprouted a human face in its bark. According to the New Strait Times, markings that have appeared on a five-metre tall betal nut tree in Kampung Paya clearly resemble human eyes, teeth and a nose. Zainol Nayan, 54, spotted the curves emerging a month ago but said the resemblance to a human face only became obvious last week. He told the paper: “Since then, villagers have gathered around the tree to see for themselves and the news spread like wildfire, attracting outsiders.” Housewife Noraziah Zakaria added: “I was curious and shocked to find that the curves indeed look like a human face.” Villagers, who call it the ‘ghost tree’, claim the face changes each day and they are already cashing in on nature’s latest artwork, selling photographs to intrigued visitors and passers-by.

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