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World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, and sees millions of people in 100 countries taking part to improve the state of the environment. Each year World Environment Day has a theme. This year’s theme is Deserts and Desertification and Contamination of Land. While the idea of deserts might seem remote to the North East, news stories already warn of water shortages in England’s southern counties this year. The Environment Agency is asking everyone to make a promise for World Environment Day, and have suggested 10 steps to help save the planet: 1. take a shower not a bath; 2. put a water saving device in your toilet; 3. turn the tap off when you brush your teeth; 4. use rechargeable batteries; 5. use a ‘bag for life’ when you go shopping instead of plastic carriers; 6. air your washing in public - not in the tumble dryer; 7. boil only the water you need, rather than filling the kettle every time; 8. share your car journeys to work with a colleague, cycle or replace car journeys with public transport at least once a week; 9. use a climate payback scheme to reduce the impact of your air travel; 10. organise or volunteer for an environmental project in your local community.

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