Ruth Mitchell

It's a Nike thing....Just do it!

With Dr Simon Raybould, Curved Vision Theatre

A Google search on presentation skills gives nearly 50 million pages - there’s no shortage of technical help out there. However, I was recently interviewed by a journalist about the presentation skills training I give, and whether or not I thought that the skills you need to make presentations are ‘innate’ or ‘trainable’.

I had a bit of a hard time convincing him that I wasn’t being difficult, it was just that his question was badly formed - presentation skills are innate and trainable. Seriously.

The worst thing a presenter can do is want to be a presenter. It’s not about wanting to present. It’s about having something important to say, and needing to say it. I can’t stress that enough. Unless you have a message, don’t do it. Simple.

Yes, I know, I’m being all philosophical here - but sometimes you just have to step back from the technical stuff about what you’re doing and remember why you’re doing it.

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