Ruth Mitchell

North East company is ?On Track? for success

An interactive piece of software that provides fitness-related training plans has been launched by a North East company set up to help joggers and runners to train safely for running events. The ‘On Track’ training software is the brainchild of Great2Run which is jointly owned by the NAC Group and Great North Run organisers Nova International. It takes account of your fitness level, the distance you’re aiming to run and the time in which you’re aiming to finish.

The software is the latest string to the company’s bow, after it has been successfully delivering over 3000 BTEC First Certificate in Sport qualifications to runners and aspiring runners via Newcastle College over the past two years.

Lesley Roberts, Director of Product Development for Great2Run, said: “Knowing how far, how fast and how often to run if you’re a complete beginner is not easy - overdo it and you may get injured, do too little and you won’t feel the benefit. On Track, therefore, offers personalised training plans based on current levels of fitness, plus a lifestyle self assessment, to ensure that people train at the right level.”

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